Northwestern offers undergraduate teacher education programs on the Natchitoches campus, which lead to Louisiana teacher licensure.  Limited courses are available online and at the Ft. Polk campus.

Below is the current curriculum for each program. Always consult an academic advisor to plan your course of study.

Undergraduate Degree programs offered by College of Education and Human Development

 Early Childhood, Grades PK-3   2014-15
 Elementary Grades 1-5   2014-15
 Scholars College Elementary Grades 1-5   2014-15
 Secondary Grades 6-12   
          Biology Concentration    2014-15
          Scholars College Biology Concentration    2014-15
          Business Concentration   2014-15
          English Concentration     2014-15
          Scholars College English Concentration   2014-15
          Mathematics Concentration    2014-15
          Scholars College Mathematics Concentration    2014-15
        Social Studies Concentration  2014-15
        Scholars Social Studies Concentration 2014-15
 Health and Physical Education, Grades K-12    2014-15
 Music Education, Instrumental, Grades K-12   2014-15
Scholars Music Education, Instrumental, Grades K-12 2014-15
 Music Education, Vocal, Grades K-12    2014-15
Scholars Music Education, Vocal, Grades K-12 2014-15
 Music Education, Vocal and Instrumental, Grades K-12   2014-15