Lisa Rougeou, M.A.


M.A., Northwestern State University, 2004
Major: English, Writing and Linguistics emphasis

B.A., Northwestern State University, 1985
Major: English Education

Biographical sketch

Lisa Davis Rougeou received a Bachelor of Arts degree and teacher certification for English Education in 1985 and a Master of Arts in English, specializing in Writing and Linguistics in August 2004. She has 20 years teaching experience in English/Language Arts on the junior high, high school, and university levels. She particularly loves teaching literature and writing, and earned National Board Certification for Adolescence and Young Adulthood English Language Arts in November 2002. She became a teacher consultant with the National Writing Project through Northwestern State University in 1992, the Co-Director for NSUWP Summer Institute for Teachers in 2004, and the NSUWP Director in 2009. Her predominant research interests are in exploring effective forms of professional development for teachers and examining literacy attitudes of teachers and their students. Her current work centers around an effort to explore classroom writing assignments that are not only challenging, but are also effective in addressing issues of student apathy. She is interested in classroom instruction in all content areas that exemplifies purposeful writing as a means for conceptual understanding and evidence of comprehension. She presently serves in a joint faculty position in the Department of Language and Communication and the College of Education which provides her the opportunity to work with education majors as both freshman writers and experienced teachers returning for advanced degrees. Ultimately, she hopes to have an impact on teachers' personal views of literacy and their professional development choices.